Phil Brooks


Phil is known in town as the mechanic and owner of Phil’s Garage. Phil is known around town as the thug, petrol head, ‘roid freak and a regular local at the pub. Looking past Phil’s personal life , most town folk hold his garage in high regard as he maintains the whole towns private and commercial vehicles almost single handily.

Outside of work hours, it’s safe to say Phil is his own worst enemy he drinks to destroy himself. It suspected in town that he has a large garage full of hot cars somewhere. The town doesn’t fail to notice the new cars that appear from time to time in his garage.
Phil has been in police custody for two months.
In very news worthy event a gun fight broke out at the Port Leonard wharf in the early hours of the morning. Phil and a friend were arrested by police suspected of leaving the scene of the crime.
It is common knowledge that he is being charged with trafficking of a stolen motor vehicles following this incident.

Druggie thug, chop shop owner
Lost a shipment of cars for Romanov Family in a shootout with unknown gang –
Life Changed in 60 seconds event


Phil Brooks

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